Miss Achievement Newfoundland and Labrador 

A Premier Scholarship Program for Young Women ages 13-18 

What are the benefits of participating in the Miss Achievement Newfoundland and Labrador Scholarship Program?

  • Build your inner confidence
  • Enhance your public speaking skills
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Meet your educational goals
  • Create lasting friendships
  • Showcase your talents and abilities
  • Strengthen your character
  • Win great prizes and scholarship money!


Is Miss Achievement Newfoundland and Labrador a "pageant"?

Miss Achievement Newfoundland and Labrador is a not-for profit scholarship program which provides young Newfoundland and Labrador women with a positive, enriching personal development experience. It is our goal to build self-confidence and leadership skills, and reward you for your scholastic and community achievements.


Is there an entry fee?

Yes.  The entry fee for the Miss Achievement Newfoundland and Labrador Scholarship Program is $350. You are encouraged to seek at least one sponsor for a portion or all of this fee. Deadline for entries is October 9, 2016.  A deposit of $50 must accompany your application, with all remaining fees to be paid in full by October 31, 2016.  Sponsorship fundraising packages are available upon request.

scholarship winners receive immediate cash awards?

Miss Achievement Newfoundland and Labrador Incorporated scholarship winners do not receive their cash awards until they have provided proof of enrolment at a post-secondary institution. 

Are scholarships available for those who are not awarded the Miss Achievement Newfoundland and Labrador title?

Yes. In addition to the winner, scholarships are also awarded for 1st and 2nd Runners-up, as well a variety of other individual award categories.

Do I need my own musical accompaniment for the Talent Competition?

We ask that you supply your own musical accompaniment (eg: mp3 files, instruments, props, accompanists). A piano will be provided. On your application, you should include the type(s) of microphones required and also if you need a guitar pick-up. The talent competition is individualized, therefore supports for your presentation - other than piano or other musical accompaniment are not permitted.

Does my speech need to be memorized or can I use notes?

Memorizing a speech creates many challenges -- having a memory block, sounding mechanical in delivery, and lacking rapport with the audience, to name a few. Speeches are easier to memorize when you choose a topic you are comfortable with, and something you can adlib about if 'a case of the nerves' causes you to lose your train of thought. Speeches for this competition should be memorized and the use of notes is not permitted.

What do sponsors receive for supporting me?

Sponsors receive recognition on our website, in the event program book, as well as acknowledgement in your on-stage introduction during the Crowning Gala. If you should win the title, your sponsor(s) will also receive recognition throughout the year on such things as parade signs.

Are participants provided with their competition scores?

All participant scores are confidentially provided by individual judges for the various competition disciplines, and tabulated by an independent auditor, with whom the results are kept until the final announcements are made. All scores remain the property of the Miss Achievement Newfoundland and Labrador Incorporated and are NOT provided to participants.

If I win the title of Miss Achievement Newfoundland and Labrador, will it interfere with school?

No! We make school the number one priority. We will work with you to make it a memorable year and schedule as many appearances as possible, particularly where you can volunteer with community and charitable organizations, while not affecting your academic commitments.

Stellar Educational Opportunity


  Miss Achievement Newfoundland and Labrador is an Incorporated, not-for-profit scholarship program. We provide the province's largest scholarship program for young women, which awards individuals for academics, promotion of healthy living, public speaking, community service, volunteer work, environmental awareness and performance-related talents.

  Our participants are inspirational and exciting celebrations of achievement, talent and imagination, who provide unique and exemplary contributions to their schools and communities.

Did You Know?

  •   Since 2006 we've awarded over $85,000 in scholarships. Juliette Dupre, Julia Hiscock, Beth Peddle, Kayla Carroll, Kora Liegh Russell, Jenna Kelly, Kandice Power and Mackenzie Dove, have together received nearly $600,000 in educational scholarships since winning their respective titles.
  •   Our titleholders: Juliette Dupre, Kayla Carroll, Jenna Kelly and Kandice Power, as well as alumni Maggie Hynes, Andrea Andersen, Regan Burden, Sabrina Andrews and Catherine Price, have been recognized with prestigious URock Volunteer Awards by the Provincial Government.

Would you like to become a volunteer and assist young women with their educational endeavors and personal growth? Email us at: [email protected]