Miss Achievement Newfoundland and Labrador 

A Premier Scholarship Program for Young Women ages 13-18 

We are a volunteer-driven organization with a mission to strengthen the minds and character of young people.  We welcome motivated and enthusiastic people who enjoy helping others, working with exceptional and supportive colleagues, and contributing to the vitality and ongoing development of our scholarship program. 

Volunteering is also a wonderful opportunity for personal and professional growth, so if you have a positive attitude and want to get involved in one of this province's most worthwhile youth-oriented events, we invite you email us at: [email protected] or telephone 709-895-8588 or 709-730-8549.

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Stellar Educational Opportunity


  Miss Achievement Newfoundland and Labrador is an Incorporated, not-for-profit scholarship program. We provide the province's largest scholarship program for young women, which awards individuals for academics, promotion of healthy living, public speaking, community service, volunteer work, environmental awareness and performance-related talents.

  Our participants are inspirational and exciting celebrations of achievement, talent and imagination, who provide unique and exemplary contributions to their schools and communities.

Did You Know?

  •   Since 2006 we've awarded over $85,000 in scholarships. Juliette Dupre, Julia Hiscock, Beth Peddle, Kayla Carroll, Kora Liegh Russell, Jenna Kelly and Kandice Power, have together received nearly $600,000 in educational scholarships since winning their respective titles.
  •   Our titleholders: Juliette Dupre, Kayla Carroll, Jenna Kelly and Kandice Power, as well as alumni Maggie Hynes, Andrea Andersen, Regan Burden, Sabrina Andrews and Catherine Price, have been recognized with prestigious URock Volunteer Awards by the Provincial Government.